Jin Shin Jyutsu 12 release struggles

Do you have a lucky number? Often people will comment that 7 is their lucky number. Other people use numbers as a way to help interpret the world.

When talking about 12 in this context, the focus is on our neck and dealing with personal struggles. 12 is the number assigned to the space on our neck – halfway between our head and our shoulders. There is a left 12 and a right 12 – there are specific spaces on our bodies that are called safety energy locks within Jin Shin Jyutsu. These safety energy locks are located along the meridians and help us in specific ways.

12 is the safety energy lock on our neck

Safety Energy Lock 12 relates to aligning our personal will with the universal will or laws of nature. “Not my will but Thy will.” Some people interpret this through the lens of organized religion, others through the lens of general workings of the universe. Each of us interprets our personal experience as we interact with others in the world.

tree image showing accumulated wood diverting flow

When someone experiences difficulties as they move through their daily lives, tensions can build and energy can stagnate in this area of the body. And when things get tense, the normal flow of energy is slowed or diverted. This results in pain, tension, and a feeling of dis-ease.

A simple way to ease tension and stagnation in this area: simply hold the right side of the neck with your left hand, and place your right hand at the base of the spine, on the coccyx. Then reverse the two holds.

SEL 12 is on sides of our neck - between our head and our shoulders.

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