26 – complete and vital life energy

These energy centres of safety energy locks 26 (SEL 26) relate to competeness: “that which was, is, and will be”. In addition when our SEL 26 are harmonised, we can experience harmony and vital life energy. We can better understand our lives and our future when we connect with universal energy. When I’m overly busy, I can take a short break. Focusing on the breath, I hold both of my SEL 26, and reconnect with universal energy.

Where does SEL 26 live on the body?

Our body has 26 discrete safety energy locks on each side. This means there are a total of 52 sites that offer us opportunities to harmonise our beings and our energies. Many Jin Shin Jyutsu classes start with ‘a big hug’ holding both SEL 26. Outside of classes, this is especially useful for us in 2020 during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We can keep safe through physical distance from others, but we are unable to hug our loved ones. We can help ourselves, and help the universal energy by holding our SEL 26 each way.

Where can I find out more?

It has also been the subject of a WE are ONE meditation. Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc. host these free online meditations. The meditation on 26th June 2020 focused on SEL 26 with instructor Iole Lebensztajn.

SEL 26 are located in each underarm area – one on each side of the body. We can harmonise our SEL 26 by folding our arms across our chest. Then hold the opposite underarm with each hand. If this is not comfortable, another way to harmonise this energy is to hold the centre of each palm. Many people find it helpful to follow their breath through 36 conscious inhales and 36 conscious exhales. We do not have to be a certain way, we can just receive the cosmic abundance from the universe.

“The whole purpose of self-study of Physio-Philosophy (awareness of MYSELF), Physio-Psychology (understanding of MYSELF) and Physio-Physiology (application of method) is to KNOW the inner freedom from my self-knowledge.”

Mary Burmeister

Through the looking glass
(Personal photo taken at Kells Bay House and Gardens in 2017)

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