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Moving through life with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Here’s a simple tip to help yourself – right now. As you’re reading this post, just hold the insides of your knees. This will help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The SEL1 – on the inside of each knee is the “prime mover”.

  • First, cross your hands.
  • Next, place the left hand on the right knee.
  • Then, place the right hand on the left knee.
  • Finally, just breathe and relax.

There are times when we all feel stuck – things aren’t going the way we had planned. External things definitely get in the way. But, sometimes, we get in our own way and stay stuck. There are so many ways we can improve things – I’ve tried many of them. They each offered a small bit of progress, but my energies were still stagnant. Because of this, it was much harder to shift things. When we’re in good health, our energies are flowing freely throughout our bodies.

Sometimes we can make a shift on our own. Sometimes we need a bit of help from someone else. When we’re in the middle of the forest, it’s hard to see beyond the tree just in front of us. I find that getting a JSJ session eases the stuckness – and it doesn’t even take lots of effort on my part.

If you can’t come for a session, Jin Shin Jyutsu can still help now. This practical art is the application of ancient Japanese wisdom. For example, when we hold our SEL 1, we are more able to move forward. This energy centre in the body is known as the prime mover. It helps us move forward. If we start now, we can change things and improve them – for ourselves and for others. Sometimes it may seem that we need more tools or better circumstances. Making a start, even a small one, can shift our energies and help us manifest things beyond our wildest dreams.

We can challenge ourselves to move forward and make a difference. At the same time, as we move through life, we need to mind ourselves and our energy. By keeping the energy flowing through our body, we function better. When we take care of ourselves, like practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu, we can minimise the negative effects of external circumstances. As a physical metaphor, a bicycle in good condition with no flat tires, functions much better. Both cases help us to get where we want to go.

How to move forward

Once we have helped clear our energy blocks, moving forward is a bit easier. On the other hand, if we force ourselves into action, we can experience stress and be less effective. For example, we may make more errors, work more slowly, and have reduced results. Therefore, taking a few minutes to hold the SEL1, helps us to move forward by shifting our energy and making space for the new.

Using a few of our daily 1,440 minutes for Jin Shin Jyutsu can help ease the way and improve our outlook.

Have you held your 1s today?

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