Joy with puddle stomping

Joy in Life with our 15s

We find purpose in our lives, give service to our families and friends, and seek to make the world a better place. But where does joy fit in? Is it when we are children and can play with total abandon? Are there times as an adult where we can experience the same emotions? Is there space for joy in life?

When I was very young – maybe 6 or 7 – my mum woke me late in the evening. It was a dark stormy night. She said, let’s go play in the puddles. I thought she was a bit mad, but found my rain boots and umbrella. As we went outside in the quiet, we found some puddles. I remember being filled with joy and life – jumping and splashing in the puddles – it was such fun. The deep belly laughs, giggles and joy still stay with me, even after all this time.

Lately, though, we have been in more challenging times – much less connected with joy in life. There are concerns about health during the pandemic, concerns about our society during the racial tensions, concerns about our survival during the economic crisis. Here in Ireland, we are still waiting for our government to agree to a new way forward.

I noticed that I’ve been laughing a lot less, smiling less, and (without intending to) holding my 15s more. This is an instinctive way for us to increase harmony in our beings. It helps us to let go of the challenges and to have a heart connection with the supportive energy in the universe.

This reminds me that, even as an experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, I still need to exhale, connect with the joy in my life, and keep my focus on the good things in life. Keeping in touch with our inner child helps us to stay young.

So, until we have some puddles to jump in, I’ll keep holding my 15s.

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