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Sixth Depth in JSJ

Total harmony?

Good relationships?

Key things for all of us. We can support ourselves and experience harmony when we support our sixth depth energy. This post gives a bit of information about the background of 6th depth, self care holds, and astrology links with the 6th depth.

Sixth depth is our connection to the sun (7th Depth) and brings life force into our being. It is all-encompassing in that it is at the beginning of our manifestation and the end of our manifestation. The 6th Depth encompasses everything and we experience it whether we are in a class, in a group of people, or even within our relationship to ourselves (Willoughby).

When our sixth depth is in harmony, we experience harmony and total equilibrium according to Irene Lauretti (2018). It allows us to be in communion with others and the universe. Conversely, when our sixth depth is disharmonised, we may experience total despondency. Without a connection to the connection with the cosmos, we lack our vital life force. This vital life force comes in where the Primordial Fire is drawn into our being.

Support your Sixth Depth

You can harmonize your sixth depth with simple touch through Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure. How – through A) sessions and B) self care.

A) Sessions to support your Sixth Depth

When you come for a session, I support focus on your specific concerns and also support your whole being – all the energy is connected. Often, I follow the sequences related to Sixth Depth because these functions support all the other functions in your body.

B) Self care to support your Sixth Depth

Self care is when you hold specific parts of your body to help yourself. When we know which parts are best for specific concerns, we can be more efficient and get better results. For the general support on our body, focus on the centre of your palm. You can also support yourself through the diaphragm function energy – two options here 1) centre palm and 2) holding your waist and elbow.

  1. holding your centre palm supports the diaphragm energy and the umbilicus energy (both 6th depth functions). You can do this by holding one palm or other other or by bringing your hands together in the traditional prayer position.
Diaphragm – hold waist (SEL 14) and elbow (SEL 19)

2. holding your waist (the bottom of your ribcage) at safety energy lock 14 together with your other elbow (safety energy lock 19) as shown in the picture on the right. This supports the diaphragm energy.

A bit of astrology

Sixth depth brings in the sunlight of the spirit from the universe. The planet associated with the 6th depth isn’t a planet at all – the moon. This celestial body captures and reflects the light and energy of the sun.  Even when we perceive that the moon has changed, it still exists. Our experience of the phases of the moon are our perception of the universe.

How the Sixth Depth supports us

Sixth depth in Jin Shin Jyutsu is very different from the other 5 depths because it is all encompassing. Rather than having specific connections with energy centres on our body (safety energy locks), it is relevant to all of the safety energy locks. Similarly, it encompasses all seasons and all tastes. This highlights the difference between the sixth depth and the others that are linked with specific aspects of our manifestation. Conversely, sixth depth is everything. It’s very interesting that Mary Burmeister brought the same framework to sixth depth. At the same time, without an all-encompassing phase of being, the connections between the different aspects would be less strong.

Bringing attention to a different part of our essence – the sixth depth brings about our main central vertical universal harmonising energy. Therefore, it is the very start of our being. Before we even have individualised energy and essence, the 6th depth is where the blueprint for our beings exists. This blueprint guides the continued densing down of energy – with the main central as the first step. From there we see the creation of the supervisors, mediators, organ function energies and the body function energies.  

When is energy working through your body?

This transition (from cosmic energy to our individualised expression of life) might suggest a linear progression. Instead, the energetic pathways are all at once connected with different expressions. They are also in perpetual states of transformation and constant existence. This is very much life our lives in general. Along our life path we have different phases that occur each day, each year, and each decade. We also have different aspects that are predominant at different times. For example, resting at night or being more active in the days.

These aspects are also sprinkled throughout our 24 hours. We take short breaks to rest throughout the day when we’re waiting for something or just taking a breath. Conversely, we’re active during the night in our dreams, our continued breath and heartbeat.

We can have faith that we are all part of the bigger whole. We are all connected to our fellow inhabitants of this planet earth.

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