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4 easy morning rituals

Morning rituals restore and renew us. The mind and body renew during our nightly sleep – but our soul? I’m not so sure. During sleep – the body heals and the mind processes the day’s events. Some mornings I awake with a sense of heaviness. Settling back into the world is a huge shift.

Benefits of morning rituals

Morning rituals bring attention to positive things. They reconnect me with a sense of well-being. Increased awareness of that perfect rhythm. This rhythm can be hidden by the fleeting minute-by-minute mood changes – similar to the weather.

Morning rituals can change over the seasons. Or over the years. Or with different needs that surface in life. The basics for me are gratitude and the sunrise, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and daily readers. Each lightens my souls and renews my body and mind.

Gratitude and Sunrise

Gratitude can simply start with being aware of the good parts of life. Whether it’s a wonderful week/month or even just a wonderful moment in a difficult day. When we focus on something, it expands in our lives. This is because we are looking for it, and because we can have a shift in how we show up in the world.

Sunrises – they come so early during the summer month. Years ago I saw The Happy Pear owners taking sunrise dips in the Irish Sea. Were they crazy? I haven’t made it so far as to join them in the refreshing morning waves. However, I have started rising with the sun most mornings. This connected me with the daily cycles. It also gave me space to appreciate things each day anew.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu holds a strong core for me – ever since 2012. The choices of flows change and evolve. Sometimes the Main Central holds centre stage. Other times specific needs call to me. Other times I settle and listen to my pulses. This guides me into things I may not even be aware of. Sometimes, I practice the mudras as shown in the picture to this post. The core to the practice, though, is 36 conscious breaths – exhales and inhales. In times when I fall short, I simply be with the breath and let go.

Daily Readers

Daily readers are another part of my morning rituals. We have access to so many inspiring ideas, stories, and bits of wisdom. Taking the time to bring these things into my life helps me to see beyond the daily challenges.

The gift of each 24 hours

We are each granted 24 hours each day. Starting with morning rituals including the breath and gratitude makes each day better.

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