Jin Shin Jyutsu in action

Bandaged wrist that was healed through Jin Shin Jyutsu.
Healing myself

Jin Shin Jyutsu can come in handy when you have injuries – testimonials from clients are good, and we can be our own testimony. I was painting my treatment room and strained my wrist earlier this week. It was very painful and I wasn’t able to use that hand without sharp twinges each time I moved it. So, I took a break for a day. To ease the strain, I wrapped my wrist in a bandage. Then I looked up the appropriate flows for the area of injury. I noted that I’d been having joint pain in the same side shoulder and opposite ankle. This suggested that the diagonal mediator energies were likely involved.

Our bodies and their safety energy locks give us information to help ourselves – mind, body and spirit. The diagonal mediator brings us back to centre and connects the left and right sides of our bodies. It also helps us to release emotional tension and put an end to disharmony. Lately, I’ve been more busy than usual. I’ve been studying and doing many behind-the-scenes things to offer Jin Shin Jyutsu to others. This in addition to the general daily requirements. A bit of balance is always useful. I’m so grateful that I heard this message from my body. I used my knowledge and experience to heal myself. Mary Burmeister recommended that in Jin Shin Jyutsu we be the testimony.

Harmonising the diagonal mediator (full name is Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy) has 9 steps when the full adjustment sequence is applied. We also have alternatives for self-help. We can hold safety energy lock at the top of our shoulder with the same side. At the same time, we hold the elbow on that side of the body with our opposite hand. So, my left hand held my left SEL 11 (on the shoulder) and my right hand held my left SEL 19 (on the left elbow). I held this for quite a while.

When harmonising your body, there are so many options. This time the one step hold suited me best. I patiently held these safety energy locks to harmonise this energy, relaxed, and followed my breath. The next morning my wrist was so much better that I was able to go without the bandage and resume painting the room.

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