JSJ self help for anxiety

Relieving Anxiety

Three self help holds for relieving anxiety are shown: SEL17, the little finger, and the palm's centre

My first introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu was to reduce tension. As I came to experience this art, I realised it also helps in relieving anxiety – and so many other things. This post will focus on a few of the holds that I’ve found useful to relieve anxiety and tension.

We can reduce tension by holding our hands for a few minutes. Just relax, breathe, and let things go. I’ve found three different places to be helpful. They can all be held for as long as desired – in private or in public. The image in this post shows three holds:

SEL 17

SEL 17 (as shown on the top left photo) is located on the outer side of the wrist joint. This energy centre or safety energy lock (SEL) helps us to be connected with the cosmic energy, and helps to relax the mind and the nerves. I used this hold one time before an important interview. I was very nervous – it definitely helped – both before and during the interview.

The little finger

The second hold shown in the bottom left photo is holding the little finger. Granted, most of us don’t have a very small person to hold our little finger – but we can do this for ourselves. The little finger relates to trying-to in our lives. We “try to” do many things and we can get caught up in pretense and efforting. Holding the little finger also helps with heart concerns. This is one of my favourite fingers to hold – it helps me to BE rather than to strive. As I release the need to “try-to”, I can feel it relieving anxiety as well.

The centre of the palm

The final photo on the bottom right shows holding the centre of the palm. We can hold this space with our thumb or any other finger, we can also place our palms together as in prayer. This helps us be complete and to connect with the cosmic energy. There are many times when I ease a sense of disconnection by holding this space.

Relieving anxiety, reducing tension, increasing serenity – all without medication or other substances. I am amazed how we can help ourselves with Jin Shin Jyutsu – it helps us to access the perfect inner rhythm and increase our innate healing ability. So grateful for Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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