Adapt and find Meaning

Are you able to adapt and find meaning today? Each day we’re presented with a new opportunity to adapt – whether it’s to a new season, a new challenge in our life, or even new insights. As we move through time this year, I seek to find new meaning in the daily and the seasonal, the practical and the mythical, the sorrows and the celebrations.

We did not mark the Winter Solstice when I was growing up in New Jersey. We marked the passage of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We overlooked the more subtle, less commercial, natural rhythms. And, certainly, we looked to the light rather than the healing power of the rest and darkness.

It’s amazing how certain days – like the holidays – call our attention. The joyous, the festive, the celebrations. These high points set such a high standard as to how things should be. Living with a focus on only the high points isn’t sustainable on a daily basis. I sought to maintain that perpetual joy and celebration – instead, I found anxiety and sadness.

Living in Ireland the deeper rhythm of the seasons has been calling to me; helping me to adapt during a year of unprecedented worries, sadness, and challenges. Each day I seek to find the silver lining in these challenges: the minor notes that provide added meaning and dimensions to the major chords in life. Exploring these rhythms brings in new language, and a broader perspective that draws on ancient wisdom.

Going through life – exploring new rhythms, new concepts, and new ways of being – is a continuous process of growing, stretching, and changing. So many years ago I ventured out to a new land in Ireland, not knowing what I would find. Almost as long ago I ventured into a new way of thinking and being with the new philosophy, practice, and body work of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This past year has been an intense period of self-study, self-practice, taking classes online, making new connections online, and being present.

My previous posts have sought to bring new meaning and new understanding to specific points about Jin Shin Jyutsu. At the moment we are going through the trans-formative process of the deepest part of Winter – the Winter solstice. This deepest part of Winter aligns with the wisdom to BE still. So many changes are happening that are not visible. So, for today, I’m taking the time to BE still and hold my 25s. Externally, it looks like I’m just sitting on my hands – after all, the 25s are located on the sitbones. So as I’m BEing still, I am indeed sitting on my hands. At the same time, internally I am harmonising my energy, regrouping, and reflecting on the blessings of my life.

Many blessings to everyone, especially on this year’s Winter Solstice.

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