From overwhelm to inner peace

Replenish yourself and you can serve others.

“I don’t have time to . . . “

We’re all busier than ever – even though we’re not getting in our cars to get things done. Today my cup felt pretty empty – with too many things to do, too many shiny objects drawing my attention and my energy.

I remember someone telling me that if I don’t have time to meditate for 10 minutes, I need to meditate for 20 minutes. Meditation isn’t always such an easy thing though.

busy mind during stressful times

This is the same principle that I apply when faced with a long to-do list. Caring for others, volunteering in the community, working on the business needs, and even maybe a bit of playtime? How can taking 5 minutes to refill my cup make a difference?

Being present allows us to be aware of what’s going on inside and out. It allows us to reflect on what’s working in the day – and what needs adjustment. It allows us to keep what’s important to us as part of our priorities.

filling our life with what's important

Meditating seems so simple. Sit quietly. Stay still. Breathe.

Much like a duck swimming on a pond. On the surface, everything is very calm. Underneath, you can see the duck paddling furiously.

My mind is very much like that – external appearances – calm. Internal running dialogue paddling furiously.

So today, take a 5-minute break. In Ireland, this means putting the kettle on and having a cup of tea. In America, there are fewer electric kettles, but tea can still be had.

We can also restore ourselves through Jin Shin Jyutsu. Holding a safety energy lock refills our proverbial cup. We can cross our arms and give ourselves a big hug. Placing our hands just under our armpit, resting on our ribcage and the edge of our scapula. This helps us feel complete, in harmony, and experience peace.

self-care through a big hug

For today, my 5 minutes included a cup of tea and a big hug. And after a bit of self-care, I felt less overwhelmed and more ready for the world.

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