Lessons from a tree

Stormy weather

Renewal and connection are my key themes for 2021. I’m open to lessons from nature, life and – even a tree. Each morning I walk through my estate and take in the sights, the changes, the little things. I always have my faithful collie companion (Cooper) along with me. Of course, some days I pay more attention than others.

Last week was incredibly stormy – orange weather warning and all that. As we persevered through the lashing rain and wind, Cooper got a fright when he visited a tree. The tree started falling over towards him. Fortunately, the tree only tilted at bit and there was no harm to my furry companion. I examined the tree and noticed that the base had eroded. During the week I often expected the tree would have been removed.

A week later, on a clear day, I noticed the tree again. It was still tilted (as it has been for the 10 years I’ve lived here) and the base was still eroded. I was surprised that it hadn’t been removed.

Re-connections are possible

Then, I moved closer to the tree, placed my hand along the trunk, and pushed gently to see how the tree was. To my surprise, the tree stood firmly in the ground with no sway or unsteadiness. What a change from just one week ago.

This experience shows that, even when things seem too far gone, there is potential for renewal and connection. The tree withstood the storm and still carries on. It still carries the marks or the wounds from its challenges. At the same time, its quirky characteristics are part of its story.

How I’m like a tree

Looking back, I’ve been through many challenges in my life. In many ways, my lessons can come from the tree. Like the tree, I experienced severe storms and I didn’t have a stable base. Like the tree, the winds left me unbalanced. I doubted my capacity to heal, reconnect, and be steady.

Many weeks and years after that time, I have a strong connection with the earth and with the universal life force (I call this my Creator). Trees connect to this same universal life force. This connection is always there, but may be weakened by lifestyle, external events, and hereditary conditions. Much life the wind in nature, the winds in our lives affect us.

I’m so grateful for the change in my life. I credit this largely to the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It helps harmonise our energy, our emotions, and our bodies. Our bodies remember how to connect with joy, serenity and vitality. The daily practice, receiving sessions from trained practitioners, and remembering to breathe. I’m so grateful that renewal and connection principles are embodied in nature, in life phases, and in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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