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Online Wellness Talks to Help You Feel Better

Do you have worries or challenges in your life? Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental – Jin Shin Jyutsu can help you to feel better today.

Here are recordings from online talks given as part of the Mind Body Experience – a holistic event here in Ireland – accessible throughout the world. I believe in giving back and sharing the wonders of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Just as other people have helped me learn new ways of being in my body and in my life, I offer you the same opportunities.

If there are other topics you’d like to hear about – send me a message!


Let go of the shoulds in life For those of us who carry tension in our shoulders. Simple tips and holds for those who hold tension in the shoulders. We can feel better!

Gold, cracks and Jin Shin Jyutsu Celebrate the gold and cracks in your life. Learn how to ease these cracks in your life. Ancient wisdom we can use in our modern lives.

Ease grief and sadness – This talk has tips to support yourself or others through grief, links for more information to useful resources, and useful tips from Jin Shin Jyutsu.

3 simple ways to ease migraines – Short talk with tips of managing migraines, links for more information to useful sources like Migraine Ireland and The Migraine Trust, and useful tips from Jin Shin Jyutsu. Take a reak from your busy life and learn some new ways to help yourself.

Supports from Nature (meditation) – Visit the earth, air, wood, water, fire and primordial fire.

Letting go – A 20 minute meditation to help you let go of worries and tension. The end of the recording has 2 minutes of Koshi Wind Chimes. Enjoy!

Supports to emerge from restrictions – Tips to help you face challenges through mindset, energetic practices from Jin Shin Jyutsu to support you, and a short meditation to draw on supports from the Earth.

36 Breaths with Earth’s Elements – When’s the last time you had a break – to just breathe and relax? You can cast off tension and connect with the supports from nature – they’re always there.

Stress and the Water Element – Stress as a positive influence in your life? What???!!!! Using the water element from TCM we can calm ourselves and increase the flow in our lives.

Stress and the Fire Element – Stress as a positive influence in your life? What???!!!! Using the fire element from TCM we can relight our passion and use this to transform stress to serenity.

Improve Memory – Memory is so important to our identity, to our relationships, to our work, and to our daily lives. We can improve our memory with simple, easy practices from Jin Shin Jyutsu. A short 20 minute watch.

Sleep Well – We all need to sleep well – for our health – physical, mental and emotional. There are times when we may be sleeping less well. Jackie shares some simple, easy practices that you can use to help yourself sleep better, feel better, and be better in your life.

Transform Anger – When we’re frustrated, irritated or anger – we’re not our best selves. Instead, learn how to transform the way you think about anger and the energies around anger – to creativity.

Calm Arthritis – Helping you to release tension and calm your arthritis with simple hand positions. These helped me when I felt like my whole body was rusted up and creaky with joint issues.

Ease Anxiety with Jin Shin Jyutsu – 3 simple holds to help when your challenged with anxiety.

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