how to calm chaos during covid19

How to calm chaos during COVID-19 with Jin Shin Jyutsu

It’s all a bit much these days.

We’ve been in the midst of a pandemic outbreak like in 2020 and 2021 – often things seem chaotic, stressful, and beyond our control. Some of us have contracted the virus, others of us have been affected through fears and restrictions.

So much chaos in the world – and it can create chaos in your body as well.

When things are overwhelming and you may have difficulty settling, thinking, or even just being with yourself.

There are specific ways you can help yourself. 3 key ways to help yourself are: 1) reduce chaos, 2) detox our bodies (e.g. from a vaccine), and 3) strengthen our immune system.

1) Reduce chaos with JSJ

When we face challenging situations, it can bring some chaos into our lives. Helping ourselves to feel better isn’t a one-step process – there isn’t a magic solution. In addition to specific tips, managing our mindset can help. But we can support ourselves, calm the chaos during COVID times, and ease tensions by practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu. Here are two easy, simple holds to feel a bit better: A) the big hug and B) Top to bottom harmony

A) The big hug

Simply cross your arms, and place each hand in the opposite armpit.

Relax, drop your shoulders, follow your breath for a few moments.

The space under our arms (at the edge of the scapula) helps our complete being – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Big Hug - holding SEL 26
Holding 26 and 24 to reduce chaos

B) Top to bottom harmony

Place your left hand under your right arm – in the armpit (like the first option here). For your right hand – reach down to the top of your left foot. Gently rest your hands in this position for a few moments, relax, and breathe. The space on the top of our foot specifically helps to reduce chaos in our bodies.

2) Detox your body with JSJ

Everyday challenges can leave pent-up tension and residues in your body. Even more so when you have added things for your body to deal with (for example, the chaos during COVID times). Whether it’s vaccination or other foreign substances in the body – it can tax your systems. To help your body process things more efficiently, follow this simple sequence. It helps support your body in releasing what isn’t needed.

Here is an easy sequence of hold to remove toxins from your body. For your left hand – it stays on your right shoulder throughout.

For your right hand, you’re touching each finger in two ways with your thumb.

  • on the inhale – touch the pad of your thumb to the nail bed on the finger
  • on the exhale – touch the pad of your thumb to the pad side of the finger.

3) Strengthen your Immune System with JSJ

We have natural immunity within our bodies – it generally protects us from external challenges. Sometimes, though, it can get overwhelmed and we might not feel as well. There are so many bits of help for the immune system – all the basics that we hear every day in the news – eating healthy, getting rest, exercising, drinking water, reducing stress. When things aren’t as good, we need to seek the care of our doctor to help us through.

In addition, we can do things to help support our immune system. This is especially important during COVID times. Rather than seeing it as a negative, we can reframe this challenge and focus on the unity in our lives. I invite you to visit the replay of a talk from March that I gave as part of the Mind-Body Experience. This short talk gives you some useful holds to help yourself. I’ve had great benefits through Jin Shin Jyutsu and it has greatly improved some immune disorders that I was challenged with.

More help to calm the chaos

If you need more support during these times, please take care of yourself. Ring a family member or friend, seek medical attention if needed, take care of your basic needs.

If you’d like added support through Jin Shin Jyutsu, consider a personalised session. These are available in person for those who are vaccinated, and online for all others.

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