Letting go with JSJ

Welcome to this safe space – where you can relax. You can let go with Jin Shin Jyutsu – easily and effortlessly.

Are there things that you’ve been carrying? Things that have become too heavy for you?

You can release tensions by receiving a session of Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure. If you can’t go for an in-person session, you can receive a distance session – right from wherever you are. But, right now, you can help yourself ease the tensions through a few simple holds – each will help – which one will be your favorite?

Hold the index finger to let go with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Make an easy start in letting go by holding your index finger. It helps to release fears and tensions, helps us to unburden ourselves. Just hold it gently, lovingly – you don’t need to press or massage – just gently cradle your index finger in your other palm.

Letting go by unburdening yourself

Unload the burdens and let go with JSJ

When we are carrying things (ideas, memories, and worries from the past), this weighs us down – burdens our being – and affects our energy. When we are worrying or borrowing trouble from our future, this also weighs heavily on us. But we have alternatives – we can let go – and reminding our body by resting our hand on our shoulder at SEL 11 – can help. Safety Energy Lock 11 relates to unloading these burdens – both of past and future. Our future burdens can cause as much tension as things we are holding on to from the past.

Simple self-care to release tension and burdens

When someone has the “weight of the world” on their shoulders – they are burdened in this way. It is simple to release the tension in this area. Four examples are:

Option 1: holding your shoulder

SEL 11 illustration

you can simply rest your hand on the top of your shoulders. This is the location of safety energy lock 11. Safety energy locks are areas on our bodies that help us as we go through our lives. Each has a specific function and characteristics. Safety energy lock 11 helps us to unburden ourselves. We have one on each side of our body.

Option 2: holding your sit bone with your shoulder

SEL 25 on sitbone

Building on the first option, you can do a 2 part hold – keep on holding your shoulder. Place your free hand on your sit bone (your bottom). By holding both places on your body, you help the energy to descend the front of your body and to release tensions. This hold is good for both sides of your body.

Option 3: hold your index finger

Index finger relates to the shoulder and let go with JSJ

Holding your index finger is the easiest way to open to freedom and release tension. Your fingers are the key to help your whole body. By holding your index finger, you are harmonizing the energies related to safety energy lock 11. So you can hold your index finger, breathe, and relax. You’ll feel so much better as the tension melts away.

For each of these holds, you may find it helpful to take a few moments to relax and focus on your breath. Whether you have 1 minute or more, you can help yourself. If too busy, you can also hold these positions while doing other things – whether in a conversation with someone or even watching a news broadcast. We can let go with Jin Shin Jyutsu without effort.

Option 4: Mudra to release tension

Mudra 7 release tension

Mudras are special hand positions that help with our entire being. This particular mudra (mudra 7 in Jin Shin Jyutsu) helps to release tension and our daily accumulations. It helps us to experience ‘effortless reality’ and to connect to the source.

There is hope – you can feel better.

I hope that you release some of your burdens, tensions, and worries. If you have questions, or would like help with releasing tension – please do get in touch. Receiving sessions can help you even more – when you’re tired or overwhelmed. You can be renewed by receiving a session.

Drop the shoulders and be well.

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