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I hear so many people looking for inner peace. But at the same time, we often try to avoid dealing with any difficulties that are in our life.

I was inspired to think differently about this by Paige Bradley’s sculpture Expansion. It is a woman sitting lotus position where there are so many cracks in the body – and the light is beaming out from the inside – illuminating the area around. I interpreted this as needing to embrace our challenges, our cracks, our wounds. They are the magic that allow us to share our light with the world. These cracks are celebrated in the Japanese art of kintsugi – mending the broken and highlighting the joins with gold.

Embracing the cracks isn’t such an easy thing. But Jin Shin Jyutsu has eased the difficulty for me and for many of my clients. When we’re suffering with limitations (physically, mentally, or emotionally), we can ease the tension and the struggle. It helps shift the energy, helps release our stuckness, helps us to be more of who we are. This is part of the human condition – whether we’re here in Ireland, in the United States, or any other country in the world.

Paige Bradley is an amazing artist and an inspiring woman. She shared openly about seeking peace – and seeking healing. The following quote resonates with me – what will give you the strength to see the way forward?

It helped me to find some strength to see the way how to deal with and find peace when I felt broken inside.

Paige Bradley

Feeling broken, flawed, and searching for something more – seems to be a common experience. But healing ourselves isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. As we seek transformation, it’s often a convoluted path. Sometimes it takes many different tools to shift things. But what I’ve seen in my life and with my clients, finding what can transform our lives is very individual. Some people find their way with sculpture, some with poetry, some with writing, and others with complementary therapies.

My transformation journey came through Jin Shin Jyutsu. The gentle light touch that eased my tension, helped me be more grounded and present, and to heal from an autoimmune disorder.

My clients find the sessions relaxing, restorative, and transformative. Each has their own experience – as shown by their testimonials. I love how things are revealed for each person.

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