What’s it like to receive an online JSJ session?

So grateful for remote Jin Shin Jyutsu

Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes – and self-care Jin Shin Jyutsu is wonderful – but this week I was looking for a bit more help.
I reached out to another practitioner for help this weekend – and was so grateful to receive a remote session early this morning.

It might look like I’m simply having a bit of a rest on the treatment table, but there’s so much more going on. Energy is being harmonized, body tissues are being revitalized, and internal harmony is being restored.

It was just like most sessions, but I had the benefit of being the one on the table this time. Here’s how it went.

Before the session

I contacted the practitioner (who lives in another country BTW) with my concerns and asked if they would be willing/available to do a session for me. Of course, she said – we set a time of 8 am here in Ireland.

She also asked me what my complaints were. I shared with her what I was looking for help with, and I gave details about the past few weeks. After that, I simply set an alarm to remind myself and went about the rest of my weekend.

This morning I got up as normal, walked the dog, and checked my messages. Nice morning but a bit overcast – no sunshine here in Ireland again.

Cooper the dog

About 10 minutes before the appointed time, I got a glass of water, and then I found a comfortable place to rest and relax. And I simply slipped off my shoes and lay down on my treatment table. For me, it made the most sense to rest on my treatment table. Of course, if I didn’t have this, I would just pick a comfy couch or chair, or maybe even my bed (it’s a remote session after all).

During the session

What is it like to receive a session?

At 8 am my only task was to relax – such a treat and blessing. As I lay there, I checked in with my body and noticed where it was tense. I remembered how much my body does for me all the time – and said a small thank you in my head.

I also did a bit of meditative breathing (whatever works before for you is what’s best in this situation). I remembered how we can receive Jin Shin Jyutsu no matter what kind of tension we have in our lives, no matter whether we have our makeup and hair done, and no matter if we’re exactly sure what’s bothering us.

As I relaxed on the table, I could sense the energy shifting. First in my left leg and then through the front of my body – it started out chaotic and quick and then shifted to a more regular, easy rhythm. It is true that we all have a perfect rhythm within us.

After a short while I felt calmer, less tense, and my mind wasn’t filled with all the things on my to-do list.

The great part was that I still had more time to experience Jin Shin Jyutsu bliss.

Peace and calm scene

For the rest of the session, I simply lay there and found greater peace and serenity than I’d felt in the past week or so. I find that every session is different, but that I always find a bit more peace, harmony, and relief. As the time came to an end, I smiled, stretched, and slowly sat up on the treatment table. I felt renewed, restored, and rested.

After the session

I drank a large glass of water – as I was thirsty after all that energy work. I then thanked the practitioner for the session and said that I felt much better. Of course, this was all done over the phone – by text message this time.

She messaged back a bit about things she sensed during the session – amazing that her experience of the energy matched my experience – even though we’re thousands of kilometers apart and not seeing each other face to face. Even the little things like her asking if I had a bit of swelling in my ankles (I hadn’t mentioned that to her).

She gave me a few tips about what might help extend the benefits of the session. And then she offered to schedule another session. Yay – I’m so looking forward to it!

I know that I’m known for transforming stress to serenity – and it was brilliant that I was able to experience it in my own body again today.

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