What It’s Like When You Come For Your First Session

Starting something new leaves us trying to chart new territory – looking for signs of how the journey will go. Maybe you’ve been on a similar journey before; maybe it’s the first time you’re experiencing anything like this.

I’d like to take you on a journey to well-being and like any journey, it has a beginning, time along the way, and allows you to see new vistas.

As you think about setting out on this journey, something has prompted you to be willing to leave your comfy space on the couch. This prompt can include looking for something new, looking to leave something behind, or looking for a new way to do something.

You’ll have company on this health journey – I’m here to guide you. I had my own journey and well remember my first Jin Shin Jyutsu session.

Before a session – first steps

Making that first call can sometimes be the hardest. Taking a risk and reaching out deserves a round of applause in and of itself. Rest assured that this is a safe space and you will be treated with respect, kindness, and gentleness.

In talking through things, connections among things that have happened in your life can help reveal ways to improve your health. As a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, I’ve been trained to look for connections and to work with the causes that have manifested in your life and your body.

What happens in a session?

You enter the calm oasis and settle into your restful break. We chat a bit – this is your space and your time.

Energy Flows treatment room

During the session – setting the scene

Your session will be tailored for your highest good – with a focus on harmony and well-being. This includes personalised combinations of acupressure and the little things that will help you fully relax. When your body is relaxed and you’re resting, your parasympathetic nervous system can help improve your well-being.

During the session: the hands-on part

To begin the session, I listen to the messages from your body. From the first contact, gentle respect is first and foremost.

Jin Shin Jyutsu facilitates your body’s innate wisdom and knowledge of how to be well. Sometimes, though, things get in the way – like external trauma, internal worries, and daily wear and tear on the body.

Jin Shin Jyutsu helps ease pains, release tension, and change your energy so you can feel better.

I gently rest hands on specific places on your body – such as a shoulder or the sole of your foot. Throughout the session, I encourage you to let me know if there’s any discomfort, any questions, or if you’re finding a certain position very helpful.

Jin Shin Jyutsu session

The session lasts about an hour. At the end of the session, you’ll hear a gentle bell ring three times. This is your signal that the hands-on part has finished. You’ll have a few moments to collect yourself and settle back into the room. This is your opportunity to check in with your body and yourself and see how you’re feeling – has anything changed? Were there things that surprised you? Is there anything that still is calling for your attention? It’s great to rest and ease back into things – after all, you’ve been doing lots of energy work.

Wrapping up your session

After your session, we chat again and, if you like, you can learn a self-care tip or two to extend the benefits of your session. These self-care tips are easy holds that you can do anywhere, anytime.

It’s useful to take some time for yourself after the session. Resting, drinking water, and being attuned to your body.

Follow-up from your session

Your body will continue to adjust to the increased freedom and free-flowing energy long after your dedicated session. As general good practice, I will follow up with you the day after your session. It’s always great to see how someone is getting on. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

This journey to well-being continues into the following weeks and months. You’re likely to notice ongoing benefits from your session. And, like any journey, you’ll have memories of how great it was to go somewhere new. Of course, you can always visit the calm oasis of Jin Shin Jyutsu again.

Your Investment for a full Jin Shin Jyutsu appointment: 1 hour for 60 euros – discounts available for wellness bundles.

Join Jackie for a bit of Jin Shin Jyutsu bliss.

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