3 self care tips with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Self Care to feel better with JSJ

You can help yourself feel better right now – simply pick whichever self care with JSJ option calls to you. Healing is at your finger tips.

Here are three easy ways to help yourself feel better. Each option includes a list of some benefits and a link to a full page for that self care. I hope you find them useful – try them out and see which are best for you. It may change from one day to another. 

If you have questions about your practice, I can help you learn more.

You can also see how many of the JSJ instructors interpret these forms of self care through the We Are One videos on the official Jin Shin Jyutsu YouTube channel.

Illustration of Free handout for Main Central

1) Revitalise your Energy with the Main Central flow

  • 7 simple steps to harmony
  • Benefits us from head to toe.
  • Help yourself reconnect to source energy
  • Helps keep us centered in life
Picture of hand and related emotions for each finger

2) Ease your Emotions with simple Finger Holds

  • Ease difficult emotions by holding a finger
  • Hold a finger to help specific functions in your body
  • To feel more peaceful and in harmony, hold a sequence of fingers

Illustration of the self care with JSJ mudra hand positions and their uses.

3) Reduce Fatigue by holding the Mudras

  • Specific hand positions to ease specific concerns
  • Can be used individually
  • Help yourself release fatigue and feel better
  • Hold a mudra and experience the magic

So, Now What?

I hope you’ve found these easy practices helpful. They help every aspect of our being – and give added boosts in specific areas. And, these are just the first step in your self care journey with JSJ. After that, there are so many ways you can help yourself! If you’ve found these introductory holds helpful, and would like to learn more, get in touch – by ringing or messaging 089-402-9667 or by completing the contact form here.