JSJ Self-Help Fingers

Help is right at your fingertips! It might seem too simple, but try it and see how it goes for you. This is an easy introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu – if you like it, you can learn more forms of self-help here on the Energy Flows website and by experiencing a session with Jackie.

You can help yourself by holding your fingers.

Be gentle with a light touch. Breathe and relax.

Hold each finger for a few minutes or until you relax.

You can hold the fingers on one hand first, then the other hand.

Or you can hold the fingers on each hand in turn – hold your left thumb, then your right thumb. Continue on with your ring fingers. You can learn more through an online consultation. The following is an introduction to how you can help yourself.

Each of part of our hand relates to a different emotion or attitude:

  • The thumb helps harmonise worry – when you hold your thumb, you can experience peace.
  • The ring finger helps harmonise sadness – when you hold your ring finger, you can experience joy.
  • The middle finger helps harmonise anger – when you hold your middle finger, you can experience love.
  • The index finger helps harmonise fear – when you hold your index finger, you can experience courage. This relates to the 4th depth of our being.
  • The little finger helps harmonise effort or pretense – when you hold your little finger, you can experience acceptance and effortless being.
  • The centre of the palm helps harmonise our total being – when you hold your palm, you can experience peace and serenity. This relates to the 6th depth of our being.

When helping yourself with Jin Shin Jyutsu, you can do as little or as much as you like. As Mary Burmeister said: you are the artist.

Transform challenges to opportunities.

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