Feel like yourself again –

gently and easily –

with JSJ acupressure

When challenges are more than just a bad day

So many clients have said that things just aren’t the way they used to be – and they wished things could be different.

If you have chronic pain and health conditions, you may find it difficult to

  • walk easily because of the pain in your legs
  • sleep through the night and awake refreshed
  • lift things or
  • even open a jar.

And, as a result, you may feel worn out, discouraged and hopeless.

You can feel better! JSJ Benefits include:

  • improved energy
  • better sleep
  • decreased tension
  • improved immunity
  • releasing emotional burdens
  • better mental clarity
  • greater inner peace and serenity

JSJ sessions

Welcome to the first step on your journey with Jin Shin Jyutsu.

When you come for JSJ sessions, you can simply relax. If you’ve ever gone for a massage, reiki, reflexology or acupuncture, you have an idea of how wonderful JSJ can be for you. JSJ supports your body’s natural healing capacity.

Take a break in your day to experience this with Jackie. I gently support you and use this amazing healing art to help you feel better today.

While you’re receiving your treatment, you’ll rest comfortably on a padded massage table. You’ll feel the lightest of touches to help improve your personal energy. This is all done through your clothes with great respect and care.

Each session includes:

  • a whole-you energy assessment
  • a personalized gentle touch treatment to help you feel better
  • support after your session


Many clients opt to make a commitment to health and well-being.  So many times, things may seem hopeless – but there is hope, and there is help.

When we have dis-ease that is new to us, things can change in a moment. When dis-ease or disharmonies are more deeply entrenched, it may take a bit longer.

My most popular package is the JSJ Wellness Package with four sessions –

  • to remind your body how to be well
  • to strengthen the new connections
  • to support added layers as needed
  • to  maintain the recharged positive patterns

If you have long-standing health conditions, there’s help and hope for that too. Let’s explore together how JSJ can help!

… should not schedule in-office appointments at this time. This will help to prevent exposure to others.

Here’s what my clients say about 1:1 JSJ

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