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Questions are the start of learning. This page is an evolving collection of questions I’m often asked about Jin Shin Jyutsu. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, ring me and I’ll be glad to chat about it. You can also ask your question through email or text message.

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle holistic therapy that helps your body release tension, reduce stress, and improve overall functions. This therapy uses light touch to harmonize your energy through specific places on the body. These specific places are located along the energetic meridians similar to those used in acupuncture and reflexology.

What should I wear to a session?

Clients often ask – what should I wear to my session?

Really you can come as you are –

whether you’re in your most comfy clothes or in business casual on a quick break from work.

One client even attended in a sparkly outfit before an evening out.

✨The most important thing is that you’re comfortable.

Sessions are carried out fully clothed – you need remove only your shoes and your watch. Loose, comfortable clothing is best. Ladies should wear trousers or leggings, rather than a skirt.

Do I need to wear a face covering or mask?

Generally, yes, masks and other safety measures help to reduce the risk of transmission for you, myself, and my other clients. Vaccinations go a long way on this. It’s also important to mind contacts with people outside of your household, and to practice safe hygiene measures.

I’m fully vaccinated, I am mindful about interacting with others, and hand sanitiser has become part of my regular practices.

The treatment room has windows that can be opened. I monitor the CO2 levels and I fully sanitise the room between clients.

Also, when the client isn’t wearing a mask, I adjust the treatment to use alternate acupressure points that don’t include the face.
Please note that exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.Co

What kinds of things can Jin Shin Jyutsu help with?

Very simply – physical, emotional, mental – and even when you’re not sure what’s wrong.

Physical – our bodies function well when we’re not stressed, when external circumstances haven’t compromised us, when we’re taking care of ourselves. I often think when someone has a specific concern = well, there’s a flow for that. It’s not a case that Jin Shin Jyutsu solves all our problems. But, rather that it supports our body and our innate ability to heal ourselves. We should consult with our doctor to ensure that we’re in the best of health. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a wonderful complement to traditional medicine.

Emotional – everything in our beings is connected. When we’re experiencing difficult emotions, they can affect how we’re feeling physically and affect our mental processes. Even more so, when we have a persistent emotional state, it may be difficult to see a different way of being. Jin Shin Jyutsu can support us as we’re dealing with difficult emotions – and give us space to process things and to connect with a broader perspective.

Mental – thinking clearly is very difficult when we’re stressed or physically taxed. In addition, when we’re holding tightly to our concerns, we tend to accumulate extra energy – this extra energy can things more difficult. Often, I find that people are holding their muscles tight (especially in their backs and shoulders), and this keeps too much energy in our heads. Not a good place to be.

When our energy is flowing freely, we feel well and have energy to do things in our lives.

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