Grateful to celebrate 1st year in business

Grateful to be on this adventure with JIn Shin Jyutsu

The best year with Jin Shin Jyutsu. I used to think it was when I first discovered the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Then I thought it was when I had such a remarkable return to health. Then I thought it was when I completed my first stage of practitioner classes. With my current level… Continue reading Grateful to celebrate 1st year in business

From overwhelm to inner peace

Replenish yourself and you can serve others.

“I don’t have time to . . . “ We’re all busier than ever – even though we’re not getting in our cars to get things done. Today my cup felt pretty empty – with too many things to do, too many shiny objects drawing my attention and my energy. I remember someone telling me… Continue reading From overwhelm to inner peace

Adapt and find Meaning

Are you able to adapt and find meaning today? Each day we’re presented with a new opportunity to adapt – whether it’s to a new season, a new challenge in our life, or even new insights. As we move through time this year, I seek to find new meaning in the daily and the seasonal,… Continue reading Adapt and find Meaning

26 – complete and vital life energy

These energy centres of safety energy locks 26 (SEL 26) relate to competeness: “that which was, is, and will be”. In addition when our SEL 26 are harmonised, we can experience harmony and vital life energy. We can better understand our lives and our future when we connect with universal energy. When I’m overly busy,… Continue reading 26 – complete and vital life energy

Profound security and freedom

Morning sunrise - start the day with Jin Shin Jyutsu

SEL21 relate to profound security and an escape from mental bondage. When these energy areas are congested, our thoughts may become fixed and circular. We may experience the world as a dangerous place. Safety energy locks 21 (SEL 21)are located on the underside of the cheekbones on either side of the face. We can harmonise… Continue reading Profound security and freedom

Eternal understanding and knowledge

SEL20 relate to everlasting and eternal understanding and knowledge. This relationship allows us to harmonise our mental activities. When we harmonise SEL20, we can clear our minds. We can align our understanding of ourselves and life with universal principles and connections. These energy centres, safety energy locks 20 (SEL20), live on our bodies. Go to… Continue reading Eternal understanding and knowledge

15 in Jin Shin Jyutsu relates to joy and washing our hearts with laughter. When our 15s are harmonised, we can release accumulations and have space for new joy to enter our hearts. We can change our relationship with our lives and experiences: bring together different bits and pieces to form a new creations. Much like the quilt shown below is a collection of different pieces of fabric – brought together in a new way.

Stagnations in the 15 area can result in cold feet and legs, heaviness in the legs.

15 in Jin Shin Jyutsu affect our harmony and our physical being. These energy centres (SEL15) are located on the front of the body at the top of the femur, in the groin. We have one on the left side, and one on the right side.

We can harmonise our 15s by holding these areas. Another option is to place our left hand over the right shoulder, and our right hand on the right groin. For the left side, place our right hand over the left shoulder, and our left hand on our left groin.

Heart quilt
(personal collection, machine pieced and quilted, 2017)

Balance through Jin Shin Jyutsu

As above so below.

Safety Energy Locks 14 relate to equilibrium and sustenance. When harmonised, we draw in the nourishment we need from our food and the worlds. When compromised, we may struggle to maintain balance between the upper and lower body. The energy centres 14 are located on the front of the body at the bottom of each… Continue reading Balance through Jin Shin Jyutsu

Self-love, creativity, fertility – all wonderful things in life are held by this energy centre in the body. Within the 13s we have the power to transform ourselves, our circumstances, and our perspective.

We’re asked to love our enemies. This can be difficult some times. It can be even more difficult in times of fear, stress, and self-doubt. Some enemies are parts of ourselves that we do not accept. By accepting ourselves and others, we open to love and creativity. This allows us to bring new things to life – fertility, projects, and new ventures.

We can ease fear in our bodies by holding our index finger. We can ease stress in our lives by holding our little finger. Simple ways to increase our harmony, decrease the challenges in our lives. Sometimes, though, things are too difficult to face on our own – we need extra help to release fears, stress, and self-doubt. There is hope and there is help.

The 13 energy centres are located on the front of the rib cage, a few inches below the clavicle, by the third rib.

Ease tension in this area: by resting each hand on the SEL 13s. Relax as the tension eases over a few minutes.