Adapt and find meaning to feel better in your life

Are you able to adapt and find meaning today?

Sitting quietly, just for a moment and help us check in and see where we are at the moment. Taking a moment and opening to a breath can allow us to let go of any momentary tension. Then, we can remember where we are and where we might like to go.

Each day we’re presented with a new opportunity to adapt – whether it’s to a new season, a new challenge in our life, or even new insights. As I move through time this year, I seek to find new meaning in the daily and the seasonal, the practical and the mythical, the sorrows and the celebrations.

How was it growing up? Did we adapt and find meaning?

We did not mark the Winter Solstice when I was growing up in New Jersey. We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It’s amazing how certain days – like the holidays – call our attention. The holidays are joyous, festive celebrations. These high points set such a high standard as to how things should be. Living with a focus on only the high points isn’t sustainable on a daily basis. In earlier years I sought to maintain that perpetual joy and celebration. Instead, I found anxiety and sadness. Fortunately, we can all grow and evolve – especially when we explore things with an open mind.

We overlooked the more subtle, less commercial, natural rhythms. Now, as an adult, the deeper rhythm of the seasons has been calling to me. Following the seasonal rhythms is much more present where I’m living in Ireland. These rhythms ease me through worries, sadness, and challenges. The challenges always have a silver lining. These silver linings are minor notes that provide added meaning and dimensions to the major chords in life. Exploring these rhythms brings in a new language and a broader perspective that draws on ancient wisdom.

Going through life – exploring new rhythms, new concepts, and new ways of being – is a continuous process of growing, stretching, and changing. So many years ago I ventured out to a new land in Ireland, not knowing what I would find. Almost as long ago I ventured into a new way of thinking and being with the new philosophy, practice, and bodywork of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Recent times have been an intense period of self-study, self-practice, taking classes online, making new connections online, and being present.

At the moment we are going through the transformative process of the deepest part of Winter – the Winter solstice. This deepest part of Winter aligns with the wisdom to BE still. So many changes are happening that are not visible.

JSJ enables us to adapt and find meaning

Picture showing person holding SEL 25 on sit bone.

So, for today, I’m taking the time to BE still and hold my 25s. Externally, it looks like I’m just sitting on my hands – after all, the 25s are located on the sit bones. So as I’m BEing still, I am indeed sitting on my hands. At the same time, internally I am harmonising my energy, regrouping, and reflecting on the blessings of my life.

Holding SEL 13 (supports self-love) and SEL 25 (helps us to adapt and find meaning).

In addition to the 25s, holding our collarbones (SEL22) helps us to adapt and find meaning. This hold has often helped me to reassess how I’m feeling at a given moment, what’s really important, and how I might adapt to current circumstances. So often we need to take a break and reset – but finding that bit of time can be difficult. I’ve found in the past that the days go by too quickly – and without that bit of stillness that I so craved.

If you need a bit of stillness, a bit of calm, and some relief from the busyness of your days, take time out for a bit of self-care. However, this looks for you. If you’d like a guide and a bit of help with this, you can set aside some time with me for a bit of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It works with your personal energy, helps you to adapt and find meaning, and is a gentle way to feel better.

Many blessings to everyone, especially this year and remembering how striking the Winter Solstice is at Newgrange in Ireland.

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